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The National Institute of Magistracy (NIM) is a public institution with legal personality, coordinated by the Superior Council of Magistracy. It is organized and functions according to the following normative acts:
• Law no. 304/ 2004 regarding the judicial organization, amended
• Law no. 303/2004 regarding the statute of judges and prosecutors, amended
• Law no. 317/2004 regarding the Superior Council of Magistracy, amended     
• The Regulation of the National Institute of Magistracy, adopted by SCM Decision no. 320/2005.  The Institute accomplishes the initial training of justice auditors, the continuous training of appointed magistrates, as well as the training of trainers, according to the laws. 

The first generation of graduates was in 1992.

The training of justice auditors is based on the knowledge of the trends and the evolution of the main juridical institutions, including in comparative law, the main purpose being of acquiring practical knowledge.

The National Institute of Magistracy elaborated the curricula taking into consideration the idea of promoting a practical training, without leaving aside the theoretical aspects, meant to underline the critical way of thinking and the idea of community service that is represented by the judicial system.
In the same time, the NIM looks after including new subjects for study, like community law,the jurisprudence of the CJEC, human rights and the jurisprudence of the ECHR, intellectual property law, competition law, consumer law, environmental law, etc.

The NIM has the following structure:

a) leading boards;
b) the initial training department;
c) the continuous training department;
d) the training of trainers department;
e) the economical-administrative department.

The leading board is made out of the scientific board, the director, 2 deputy directors, the executive director.
The scientific board is made out of 13 members, as follows: a judge from the HCCJ, a prosecutor from the Prosecutors Office attached to the HCCJ, a judge from the Bucharest Court of Appeal, a prosecutor from the Prosecutors Office attached the Bucharest Court of Appeal, 3 university professors, one from the Bucharest University, Faculty of Law, the other from Iasi, "Alexandru Ioan Cuza" University, Faculty of Law, and the third from the "Babeş-Bolyai" University, Faculty of Law, Cluj-Napoca; 3 representatives of the teaching personnel, 1 representative of the justice auditors, 1 representative of the professional associations, legally constituted, of judeges and prosecutors, and the director of NIM.
Within the NIM is also constituted the teaching board, as a consultative body of the scientific board. The teaching board is made out of the director and the deputy directors, the professors who are heads of departments, professors who are titular of subjects, as well as 2 representatives of the practical coordinators, one for judges and one for prosecutors.

Contest for selecting the magistrates

 The process for selecting the magistrates is solely based on the criteria of professional competencies and good reputation, and is made only through examination, organized with respect to transparency, chance equality, and anonymity of tests. The tests of the examination are meant to select those candidates that have the following qualities:
• a good knowledge of the main law branches and institutions;
• the capacity to interpret and apply law provisions;
• a logical, structured way of thinking.
 Initial training

The training within the NIM has as an objective the development of the following qualities of the justice auditors:
• interpretation and application of law in a unitary manner;
• knowledge of law provisions and techniques specific to the profession of magistrates;
• knowledge of belonging to the profession;
• an international perception of the law;
• a general training.


For the training activities, the NIM uses the lecture room, the library, the seminar rooms, the IT laboratories, and a hall for simulated lawsuits. Also, the NIM gives the auditors the possibility to have the lunch meal at the NIM's cafeteria, or to be hosted in the dormitories. The dormitory is made out of 45 rooms, a 2 roomed apartment for protocol, thus a total number of 131 places.

Continuous training

The continuous training is made by trainers specially appointed from within the magistrates, as well as NIM initial trainers, experts with another specialization than the juridical one, or foreign and Romanian experts, within the international programmes.
The continuous training is made at the NIM premises in Bucharest or at the regional centers in Sovata, Timişoara, Bβrlad and Amara, as well as at the level of court of appeal or the prosecutor offices attached to courts of appeal.

Training of trainers

According to the law, the NIM is the public institution that accomplishes the training of trainers. NIM has several programmes in different fields.

The NIM website

The NIM website was meant to be an efficient tool for informing the persons interested of the newest information connected to the NIM's activities, organized competitions, as well as a communication tool between the NIM and the magistrates.
The magistrates can apply online for the continuous training seminars organized by NIM  or can log on to the NIM forum.

Competitions and exams

According to the law, the SCM organizes, through the NIM, the following competitions and exams:
• the competition for selecting the magistrates;
• the capacity exam for judges and prosecutors;
• the promotion exam for execution position for judges and prosecutors;
• the exam for appointing in leading positions judges and prosecutors at the level of tribunals, court of appeal, as well as the prosecutors offices attached to those;
• the exam for appointing in leading positions judges and prosecutors at the level of first instance courts and the prosecutors offices attached to those.

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